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How It All Started

Some years back, I happened to be supervising a half project (half because I was only invited to complete the project together with some other existing labourers on site after the owner of this project found out he had been duped severely). Contrary to my professional practice as a project manager as well as a Real Estate Surveyor and Valuer, I saw labourers inflating the cost of materials, and even stealing from the materials supplied by the owner.

I would go to the market to negotiate and get the best price for my client remitting all available balance. I worked diligently to monitor and manage this project until completion when I wanted to hand over this project to the owner and I was shocked with his response when he was about to pay me;

This one that you’re demanding your complete fee, haven’t you too already profited from the money that I’d been sending to you for materials? You see, you guys cannot fool me o, because you’re all the same.

After working in several popular and professional Real Estate Company, I also had the privilege to work with a land surveying company.

One day, I received a record copy survey of a land from a colleague and I later realized that the document doesn’t have anything related to the said land parcel. He told me -

That’s no big deal! It happens like that when people are looking for prices that are not possible for a specific location, that’s what they get.


This was when I realized how our industry had been messed up… This was when I realized that society has been so fake such that truth becomes questionable… This was when I realized that the society had generally become “cut corners or perish” because it seems (or so they think) that being truthful is not normal and DECEIT has become the NORM.

So whenever I hear of house collapse, the picture of an “expert” who cut cost flashes on my memory… When I see the government taking over properties, I realise it’s because “a trusted” personnel didn’t do his job appropriately or a family/friend is disappointing and severing the trust of the other…

We’ve seen a property of 20 years being acquired or demolished by governments… We’ve seen a situation where an owner claimed they wanted to sell their property off at a very cheap rate only to verify and discover that it’s actually having issues and so the owner wants to relieve himself of the property.

When I see people losing their properties in court cases which sometimes lead to eviction or demolition, I realise there must have been incompetency in the chain of work delivery… I saw that customers always stay awake and aware of the fear of being scammed in any way… You can hardly find someone to trust to do your work — efficiently.

I looked within the real estate industry in Nigeria, and the future I saw wasn’t palatable… I couldn’t count 10 companies in our industry that lived beyond their founders… I looked across other developed countries like Dubai, USA, UK, Italy, India… I saw professionalism, efficiency, excellent delivery and trust in the real estate industry.

I reflected over this and realized that the root cause of either a good or a bad result is PEOPLE. We’ve seen depression and suicide on the high side and we asked ourselves how we can make the homes we build to conform to global standards and ensure it is in a serene and fresh environment. This was when we realized we needed to step in, build people of professionalism, excellence, accountability and integrity in order to redesign and deliver the beautiful future of this industry… And we’ve been inspired by global green futuristic creativities.

This was what made us start our company informally in the late 2013 and officially registered with the CAC in 2016 as Business Name, and also with the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML), the federal government body that works in collaboration with Economic and Financial Crimes Commission “EFCC” (the coordinating agency for Nigeria’s AML/CFT regime) and the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit “NFIU” (the national repository of financial disclosures of cash-based transaction reports, currency transaction reports and suspicious transaction reports).

Our company today has grown into a limited liability company (2018) with a committed team.


Nurudeen Omotosho

MD, FloraHomesGC

Who We Are

The foremost online property verification and real estate investment company that helps her clients to acquire verified properties and invest in verified deals with returns from about 25% - 100% returns in a year.
  • Providing 100% done-for-you real estate services to existing and aspiring property investors.
  • Delivering simplified quality information to the mobile phones of every property investor using technology.
  • Engaging green architecture and green building that revitalizes every soul occupying the home.
  • Verifying properties across locations and growing a Safe-To-Buy property data bank that every ready property investor can pick from.
  • Engaging green architecture that revitalizes every soul occupying the space.
About FHGC

  • Vision
  • Mission

Where We Are Heading

The Focal Point of Secure, Sterling & Seamless services in Real Estate and Property development.

How We Set the Pace

To prevent real estate losses and give investors futuristic landed property investment; in terms of verifying the property, acquiring it, documenting it, designing, build and manage the property.

Our Team

We have a team of Young Smart Professionals which includes: Engineers, Lawyers, Town Planner, Land Surveyor, Architects, Accountant, Business Strategist and Marketing Experts to deliver our promise to you.