• Company Name: FloraHomes Global Consult Limited
  • Expertise: Property Verification and Real Estate investment
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Website:
  • Insured by: Halal Takaful, a non interest window of Cornerstone Insurance PLC
  • Purpose: Project Funding
  • Target Fund: N500,000,000
  • Amount/Slot
    • Cat A: N1,000,000
    • Cat B: N10,000,000
  • Minimum slots number per individual: 1
  • Maximum slots number per individual: 10
  • Return options:
    • Cat A: Cash only
    • Cat B: Cash or Instant Land Allocation
  • Cash return:
    • Cat A: 10% - 20%
    • Cat B: 20% - 40%
  • Investment Duration: 12 months
  • Land Return per N10m== 648 sqm standard plot instant Allocation within any of our Ibeju-Lekki projects.
  • Application Form: CLICK HERE


FloraHomes Global Consult Limited is an online property verification and real estate investment company in Nigeria with a mission to prevent real estate losses and give investors futuristic landed property investment in terms of verifying the property, acquiring it, documenting it, designing it, building and managing the property.


The company seeks to raise a sum of N500,000,000 to commence the execution of our landed property projects.

  • For land option, investor gets survey, deeds and a perfected title in his/her name delivered within 3 months of payment to doorstep according to the physical address entered on our form.

The potential market for the project is very promising. Our marketing channels include social media, TV, radio and event to ensure that we reach our target market around the world.

For further enquiry; dial or drop a whatsApp message to +2348094442019

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