Our Products

Verification Services

Save yourself from demolition, 3rd party claimant, Scams and everything in between, by availing yourself of our verification services which bring together our field expert to help you know the status of the landed property you want to buy.

Complete Property Buyer Service

Do you need to buy your choice property at your choice location, or you just need property services like Survey, Valuation, Documentation, Sourcing, Negotiation, Payment . . . then engage this Service at 100% done for you. This service caters for both individuals, corporate organizations, within Nigeria and in Diaspora.

Our Estates

With our efficient construction team, we offer our community based verified, authenticated and government approved (approvable) planned out land parcels and building to our loyal customers...

Design, Build & Manage

Our Design, Build and Manage team will give you contemporary Architectural Designs as well as Building Construction works with approved Property Documentation.

Done-For-You Investment Packages

Our investment projects revolve around using investors money to finance and execute only verified landed property project in...

Professional Advisory Session

Offering both existing and aspiring real estate investors the opportunity to get clarification and high-quality communication with our landed property expert...

Sell My Property

Either it’s land or building you have, as long as your property fulfills the verification parameters that’ll be exercised by our verification team, then be sure we’ll sell your property for you to...


18 Real Estate Mistakes That Make People Lose Money In Property Investment.

Don't fall victim to landed property scam, demolition, third party claimant and other losses in Nigeria Real Estate.